Goodbye Message for Swimmers

Please note that Munchkin Movement is now closed. Click for more info: Thank you for 10 wonderful years.

Please see post below with more information about other swim programs in the area.

To contact me with questions please use the following methods:

Mail – PO Box 176, Foxboro MA 02035

Phone – 508-740-0472

Email (general correspondence) –

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Information on other area swim programs


My first recommendation for people is to look into classes through The Inn Fitness Center (the gym at the Holiday Inn Taunton). The kids are already familiar with the pool, and younger children will be able to touch in the shallow end!   So it may make the transition to a new program a bit easier, especially for swimmers in Goldfish 1 and 2, plus Clownfish 1.

Their next session will begin in January. They are currently offering classes on Wednesday and Friday afternoons/evenings plus Saturday mornings, but they may consider adding some additional classes based on demand and the availability of their instructor.

Here is their website for more info:

Below is the approximate conversion of Munchkin Movement levels to Inn Fitness levels:

Munchkin Movement                                   Inn Fitness

Angelfish                                                             Aqua Tots

Goldfish 1                                                            Starfish 1 (with bubble)

Goldfish 2                                                            Starfish 2 (with bubble)

Clownfish 1                                                         Starfish 3 (without bubble)

Clownfish 2                                                         Level 1

Starfish 1                                                             Level 2

Starfish 2                                                             Level 3

Starfish 3                                                             Level 4


For those people who will be heading to the Y, here is the approximate conversion of Munchkin Movement levels to YMCA levels:

Munchkin Movement                                   YMCA

Angelfish                                                             varies (Shrimp, Perch, Seahorse, Pike w/ parent)

Goldfish 1 (age 3-5)                                         Pike 1

Goldfish 1 (ages 6+)                                        Polliwog 1

Goldfish 2 (age 3-5)                                         Pike 2 or Eel

Goldfish 2 (ages 6+)                                        Polliwog 2

Clownfish 1 & 2 (age 3-5)                              Ray

Clownfish 1 & 2 (ages 6+)                             Polliwog 2

Starfish 1 (ages 4-5)                                        Starfish

Starfish 1 (ages 6+)                                          Guppy

Starfish 2 (ages 6+)                                          Minnow

Starfish 3 (ages 6+)                                          Fish



Other programs include:

Bluefish Swim School (Raynham):                   

PODS swimming (Seekonk and RI locations):

Kingsbury Club (Kingston):                                 

Goldfish Swim School:                                         

Little Flippers Swim School:                               

Thank you for 10 great years

This message went out as an email to everyone in my database a few minutes ago.


It is with mixed emotions that I announce that the upcoming session (Session 2) will be the final session of lessons for Munchkin Movement. When I began this program in the fall of 2006, I had approximately 30 preschoolers in my swim, creative movement, and sports classes at the Mansfield Holiday Inn. After a year or so, I decided to focus solely on swimming, and over the course of 10 years, my lessons have served over 800 families in the area. I began teaching swimming just over 20 years ago, and I truly love what I do. While gratifying, this career has taken a toll on my physical health and I must face that reality. This has been an extraordinarily difficult and emotional decision for me to make, but I need to make my health a priority.


I am extremely grateful that you have trusted me with the safety and wellbeing of your children. It has been a privilege and joy to see your children – some of whom I have known since infancy – grow and flourish. I have had a front row seat to witnessing the pride your children have felt when they have overcome their fears and/or challenges to accomplish amazing skills and become more confident. I hope that I have helped impart a love of the water as well as safety skills that will last a lifetime. Since I will not be able to say goodbye to each student personally, I will be creating a short video to my students and posting it on my website at the end of the year.


I am looking forward to moving full time to my private practice in Foxboro as a mental health counselor for young children and their families. Fortunately, I will continue to have a career where I can make a difference in the lives of others. Regarding swim lessons, I plan to post information on my website next month about other swim programs in the area. I will include approximate conversions of my swim levels to levels in some other programs such as Red Cross and YMCA. The Munchkin Movement website, Facebook page, and email address will remain active through the end of March, 2017. Below I have included my contact information moving forward.


Please consider visiting my private practice Facebook page where I post information on social/emotional development for children as well as tips and tools for parents at My goal is to have the page serve as a resource for parents, even those who don’t seek counseling services.


I thank you for sharing your children with me and appreciate your support and understanding.



Katherine Schwab

PO Box 176, Foxboro MA 02035


Info for mental health private practice: